Confide plans to write a new album.

After breaking up in 2010, Confide planned to never return to the touring life, but they figured that didn’t mean they couldn’t write an album. And after their break up, no touring meant no record label, so they’ve gone to Kickstarter and are asking us, the fans, for help.

The band is asking for a modest $30,000 to pay forALL expenses for this album, for everything down to travel. So what you can do to help is click the Kickstarter link in the title or at the bottom of this post where you can find a video from Ross and Joel explaining everything about the project.

IF (Big ‘if’, you do NOT have to donate if you don’t want to or if you can’t) you do decide to donate, you can donate as little as a dollar, or up to as much as you can/want to. You will NOT be charged anything unless this project is fully funded when the length of time for it they set is up (I do not know any details about how this will be handled).

In only four hours, fans like you have helped to raise over $9,500. And anything over the $30,000 they’re asking for will only help them to do more of what they want and lower their limitations. And in regards to their “limitations”, no record label means no one telling them to ‘do this, this, and this’ and to ‘sound like this’, meaning they can do whatever they want. Money providing. Which means more donations will allow them to push their creativity to the limits.

Donate whateveryouwant and share this where you can. And if you can’t donate and still want to help share this wherever you can.

We Know Who You Are -The Word Alive
Deep Down Inside - For The Fallen Dreams
Stay Inspired - We Came As Romans
They Don’t Call It The South For Nothing - Of Mice & Men
BTN - Architects
Don’t Go - Bring Me The Horizon ft. Lights
Sssnakepit - Enter Shikari
Your Mother Should Have Swallowed You - Deez Nuts